Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Rave- Lezyne Alloy / Pressure Drive pumps

It takes a lot to get me excited these days, and the fact that I can’t shut up about a frame pump should be testament enough as to how cool this thing is.

Kaj, Karli, and I were walking around Interbike this last September when I turned to Kaj and said “You know, there has got to be something here that we’ve never seen before that is the coolest thing, ever. My goal today is to find it.” Kaj, in his normal understated Kaj enthusiasm, says "That's a good goal." We had to weed through some not-so-spectacular stuff like leopard print seat packs and light up rollers (which I have video of Kaj riding, if anyone’s interested), but we eventually found ourselves at the Lezyne booth, checking out their new frame pumps.

Long story short, these frame pumps ROCK. Think about, just for a second, everything that you have ever hated about every pump you’ve ever owned. This pump fixes them all. It’s an all-metal construction- no plastic pump heads, closure levers, handles, etc. to break at the most inopportune moment. The piston is machined, and those of you that know me know what a sucker I am for machined bits (which is why I love Hope brakes, Thomson stems, Lezyne’s multitools, etc., but that’s a separate blog altogether). The best part, though, is the hose. It has both a Schrader and presta end, so it works on any tube out there. It screws onto the valve, rather than press-fitting, so there aren’t any rubber seals to get chewed up and go bad. Finally, when you pump it, the hose flexes rather mangling your valve stem and/or ripping it out of your tube altogether. Ingenious.

The pump comes in two flavors- Alloy Drive (mountain) and Pressure Drive (road)- and two sizes in each flavor. They’re feather light, damn sexy, and only cost about $10 more than any “normal,” lesser frame pump.

Best. Frame. Pump. Ever. Seriously.


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