Monday, January 26, 2009

We have Velodrome Fever

We love Boulder's new Velodrome.

I won't waste time with words. Check out Ryan Hughes' helmet cam video:

Now. Come by Full Cycle and behold the magic that is our Felt track bikes! People our banging down our doors for these, and for good reason. They're going fast.

Friday, January 16, 2009

11 Reasons the Giant Reign is THE Colorado trailbike

We at Full Cycle sell a LOT of Giant mountain bikes to a LOT of happy campers. The majority of those are various incarnations of the Trance X, which was subject to stellar reviews in the press, yet most of the employees that ride Giant mountain bikes are on the Reign. Why is this?

11. I ride one, and my judgement cannot be questioned. (HA!)

10. 6 inches of travel is approximately 6 times more fun than none as long as the bike doesn't weigh more than an earth mover. The Reign does this, and yet somehow the earth moves anyway.

9. Hydro-formed tubing, low center of gravity, nearly indestructible pivots, the little drain hole in the shock cradle- Who'd-a-thunk-it? The engineers at Giant, that's who.

8. The "bang for the buck" quotient is well nigh astronomical... Ok, maybe that's an exaggeration, but Giant is the biggest bike company on the planet, which means big buying power, and some of that savings gets passed along to the end user: That would mean you.

7. The slack/relaxed geometry translates into a bike that loves to go fast, loves to fly, and is so easy to handle it practically balances itself.

6. Seriously, dude. Just look at it. Ain't she a beaut?

5. The Maestro suspension, while technically a floating pivot design, seems to ride better than other floating pivots, which is the best design on the market to begin with. They took the best and made it better. Anyone who doesn't agree with this assessment is perfectly entitled to their opinion, of course. That opinion would just be wrong.

4. The satisfaction of, when faced with a daunting array of obstacles, just moving your weight back and RUNNING IT OVER, all the while giggling like a toddler is an experience you simply can't put a price on.

3. The odd name will become readily apparent when you ride it.

2. If you got the legs, you'll find it's really fun to out-climb people on their dainty little x-country bikes.

1. The Reign rules... supremely and magnanimously.