Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Art of Road Biking

I've been an avid mountain biker since I bought my first bike that wasn't a BMX back in early high school (a fully rigid, cro-mo Giant Yukon) but never got into the road bike thing. The only road bike I had ridden was a borrowed Bianchi Vigorelli, and it was more reminiscent of a medeival torture device than a bicycle. I knew, at least in theory, that road biking could be fun, but wasn't in any financial condition to get one on a par with the mountain bike I was riding.

I've since become a career bike fitter at the premier bike shop in Boulder, and I've fit road bikes to hundreds of people until I was blue in the face. It got me thinking, I should give this road biking business a more concerted effort now that I can finally afford it.

Next thing I know, I've spent the entire winter building up a Giant Defy Advanced frame from the ground up with SRAM Red and Ksyrium wheels- a sweet bike by all accounts, and I'm donning lycra and shaven legs.

I feel like I've turned to the Dark Side, but now that I've ridden it a couple times, I realize this thing can go fast- like, scary fast, and I like that about it. I also realize how road riding could turn my legs into mountain bike power houses. I like that too.

To diversify your cycling options seems to be the Boulder Way. In that sense I find that the different disciplines in cycling are analogous to the disciplines in martial arts. Road biking is like Tai Chi. It's a meditative, zen-like thing. You get out on an open stretch of road and have deep thoughts. Mountain biking, then, is like Aikido. If you don't flow with the trail and work it's contours to your advantage, you'll likely get thrown to the mat. I did Aikido in college, so of course I'm still a mountain biker at heart.

BMX and mountain bike freeriding are like Kung Fu- all high flying, in your face, acrobatics. People who see you flipping through the air like Bruce Lee respect and fear you. Riding a cruiser bike or a comfort hybrid? That's like watching Kung Fu Panda on DVD. Just sharing my opinion, that's all.

So, do I like road riding enough to keep doing it? Only as much as I like cycling enough to keep doing it. So, yes! And next year? Maybe I'll try my hand at a little Kung Fu action.


Sunday, March 15, 2009

St. Paddy's Party to Benefit Valmont Bike Park

Hey all,

Full Cycle and Kona Bikes are throwing down to raise money for the new Valmont Bike Park, with a St Paddy's day event at the Boulder Theater. For those not familiar Valmont Bike Park is going to be the premier bike park in the country with over $1 million spent developing dozens of acres in Boulder with jumps, pump tracks, singletrack and cyclocross courses. It will be amazing, but it’s going to be even better if we can raise some more money for it.

So to help raise money, Kona has given Full Cycle the rights to show New World Disorder 9 on Tuesday, March 17th, St Paddy’s Day. This movie is the by far the best to come out recently, it's simply an outstanding video. Cost is a low $10, and all the proceeds go to benefit Valmont Bike Park.To sweeten the pot and help us sell out we are adding the following:Over $3000 in free stuff to be given away!!

  • A new Kona Coilair (see below). The sweetest trail/freeride/downhill bike ever made by Kona

  • 2 Free Passes to Winter Park for this Mountain biking season. (That's a SEASON pass, not a day pass) wow!!!

  • 2 Full Face Carbon Giro Remedy helmets (over $200 each)

  • Tons of other free stuff from Pearl, Giant, Fox, Look, Oakley, Jett MTB and more

Also there will be:

  • A trials demo by Ripstoke—these guys got skills

  • A showing of the Best of Earthed 1 thru 5 movies to kick things off in style

  • Beer specials by PBR (that about kicks it)--repeat beer specials from PBR

  • Help from our friends at Mafia Racing, BMA and Valmont Bike Park and others to make this a fun time.

Come down and join what is to be the best kick off to the season, for a great cause. I know we’ll all be jazzed to hit the trails and get going on another great riding season. Wear green to get a discount on extra tickets to win more stuff.

A clip from the video!!http://www.x-tremevideo.com/comingsoon/index.cfm?ccs=79&cs=1487

Here are the details:

Date: Tuesday 3/17/09 (St Patty's Day)

Time: Doors at 7pm, start at 8pm

What: New World Disorder 9 and fun

Where: Boulder Theater

Tickets: $10 at Full Cycle, $12 at Boulder Theater (service charge is $2)

Buy your tickets ahead of time at http://bouldertheater.com/event_detail.php?id=1050

Please come out and support the cause, and of course have a great time too!